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The solution is here.


    4  On-site event to help assess wellness

    5  It’s different now than 40 years ago.

    7  Big problem with old asphalt pavers

    8  April week focuses on hazards in ___________.

    9  Best hearing loss prevention program for construction

  13  Focus of workplace testing programs

  16  She said, “Pray for the dead, and fight like hell for the living.”

  17  Most controversial environmental health issue

  19  It may be worse than regular.

  20  Annual commemoration of those killed at work

  22  1988 chart topper

  23  Organization develops voluntary standards

  24  Niche market safety program developed by LHSFNA

  25  LHSFNA pursued compensation for nuclear workers exposed to ______.

  26  Common outcome of too much eating and too little exercise


    1  And the 2001 Telly Award goes to _______.

    2  Began 25 years ago

    3  LIUNA H&W plans are ______________ plans.

    5  Act that governs health record security

    6  Often the basis for awarding federal contracts

  10  Cause of pervasive psycho-emotional problems

  11  Place where healthy food is unavailable

  12  Reaction caused by physical or emotional threats

  14  This fruit may have dangerous interactions with prescription medication.

  15  Program available in three languages

  16  Syndrome associated with diabetes and heart disease

  18  Gasoline additive that may have stoked crime

  21  Source of $19 million in savings for health & welfare funds