For over ten years, the Canadian Tri-Fund has endeavored to carry the message of health and safety to contractors and jobsites across Canada. Through the support of LIUNA General President O’Sullivan, General Secretary-Treasurer Sabitoni, the General Executive Board and, especially, our Vice President and Regional Manager for Central and Eastern Canada, Joseph S. Mancinelli, the Canadian Tri-Fund continues to stress the importance of member wellness and preventative education.

The Canadian Tri-Fund, in partnership with our parent Laborers’ Health and Safety Fund of North America (LHSFNA), takes a three-pronged approach to health and safety issues: education of the front-line membership; health screening and education for LIUNA and its affiliates; and information and assistance for our signatory partners.

The Canadian Tri-Fund—through a central office in Toronto, Ontario, and field coordinator offices in Moncton, New Brunswick and Vancouver, British Columbia—supports and assists in the creation and delivery of worksite safety courses, including the latest in safety practices and equipment. In addition, it conducts annual and seasonal membership education campaigns.

In the past, tobacco cessation and jobsite hazard awareness programs, to name just two, have provided LIUNA’s membership with the background information necessary to make informed decisions about their health and their daily work practices.

Most recently, the Canadian Tri-Fund, along with the LHSFNA, embarked upon a summer “Sun Sense” education program. We are working to inform LIUNA’s members of the dangers of sustained exposure to the sun.

The Canadian Tri-Fund continues to sponsor and hold health fairs at major LIUNA and contractor functions to screen for cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar abnormalities. High levels are silent killers, and early detection can save lives.

In addition to health screening programs and membership education, the Canadian Tri-Fund also works with LIUNA signatory contractors to provide the latest in safety practices and equipment knowledge.

The Canadian Tri-Fund, in partnership with LIUNA, will continue to work for the safety and well being of LIUNA’s membership through new safety programs, health screening, wellness initiatives and health and safety research.

[Steve Clark]