Construction sites are noisy places. As a result of noise exposure, thousands of construction workers each year suffer hearing damage. This hearing impairment is permanent and will affect these workers for the rest of their lives, both during their working years and in retirement.

Research shows that hearing loss is a gradual and irreversible process. Without the use of audiometric tests, few workers will realize that they are losing their hearing until it is too late. This is why the LHSFNA recommends comprehensive hearing conservation programs on all construction worksites, despite the fact that OSHA currently requires only minimal protection.

Controlling noise is a challenge for construction contractors and improving hearing conservation programs in construction a top priority. The Fund sponsored the first national conference on the issue, facilitated the formation of the national Construction Noise Control Partnership to advance best practices and urged OSHA to require task-based hearing protection for construction workers.

The Fund also provides training in the proper use of hearing protection and assists LIUNA signatory employers in developing and implementing hearing protection programs.