To best serve its Research, Health Promotion and OSH Divisions, the Fund keeps its communications and technology programs on the leading edge.

Virtually all of the Fund’s 200+ publications are written and designed in-house, and through just-in-time publishing, they are printed as requested by LIUNA members, local unions, affiliated training centers, LECET marketing offices, health & welfare funds or signatory employers. The online Publications Catalogue and automated fulfillment system were designed by the IT staff. The Fund’s high speed printer allows automated, full-color printing and binding.

Fund publications – brochures, manuals, posters and health alerts – are planned and developed by Division staff and written and designed by Communications staff. They cover the full range of issues of concern to Laborers and their employers.

The Fund’s website, developed collaboratively by the IT and Communications Departments, was launched in 2004. It features the monthly online magazine, LIFELINES ONLINE, as well as a variety of additional help resources. Free subscriptions to LIFELINES ONLINE are available.