The Center to Protect Workers’ Right (CPWR), the New Jersey Building and Construction Trades Council and the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services teamed up with the New Jersey Laborers to produce this video about ladder safety and falls in construction.

It mixes interviews of workers (and the families) who were hurt or killed due to falls with checklists for the safe use of ladders. It covers choosing a ladder, inspection before use, ladder set up and the safe way to climb a ladder. It addresses the issue of workers compensation and notes that the families of the workers also share the negative effects of a fall injury or death. Some statistics are given throughout the short, 11-minute film. Finally, the video asks that workers take pride in a job done safely as much as a job done well.

The video is informative and educational. The interviews with people who were hurt really make an impact and bring to the fact that falls are a serious problem. Also, they stimulate thoughts about what the impact of an injury or death could have on a worker’s family. The checklists were well presented, covering all aspects of ladder use, with good visual images on how to achieve each step in ladder safety.

For more information, contact the CPWR at 301-578-8500 or visit the website at The cost is $7.00 on DVD or VHS.