My four-year-old son Jacob and I read Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site before bed one night. We both really liked the story. Like many kids, Jacob is fascinated by construction vehicles and what they do.

The story chronicles a day in the life of individual construction vehicles and what role they play on a jobsite. The book gave us a great opportunity to talk about the important work that construction Laborers do. We discussed the ways Laborers contribute to improving neighborhoods and communities for the people who live in them. We talked about building schools, sidewalks, roads, stores and playgrounds and how access to all of these things makes our lives better. I was also able to weave in a discussion about how demanding construction work can be – why it is so important to eat well and get exercise to have lots of energy to keep up on a construction site. Of course, we also discussed the importance of safety on a construction site and in general.

The story is simple, with basic words, and at times can be repetitive. However, this makes it a great book for beginning readers. There are not too many words on each page, and many of the words can be read or sounded out if your child can read or is learning to read. The book is 28 pages. If your child is determined to read the entire book on his or her own, as my son was, be prepared that it could take a while.

Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site is a great book to read with your child. The illustrations are colorful and fun. Your child will enjoy looking at it on his or her own.

The hardback is currently available at for $11.55. A Kindle version ($8.57) is also available.

[Jamie Becker is the Fund’s Associate Director, Health Promotion.]