By now, most smokers know that tobacco use is the biggest cause of preventable death and disease. But tobacco use is an addiction, and every addiction is difficult to break.

The annual Great American Smokeout, organized by the American Cancer Society, offers support and solidarity to anyone who’s thinking of quitting. By establishing a doable goal – 24 hours without tobacco – on a definite date – November 20, 2003 – the Smokeout mobilizes ten million participants and a mountain of publicity to encourage those who want to get off tobacco.

The LHSFNA wholeheartedly backs the national campaign by encouraging the participation of local unions, Laborers’ training centers and local health and welfare funds. This year, the Fund will notify all training centers and district councils about the Smokeout and will provide a poster that incorporates Laborers and a message about the campaign. A variety of other anti-tobacco materials also is available through the Health Promotion Division.

[Steve Clark]