Has it been two years already?

The website you are now viewing went online June 1, 2004. We improved our more traditional, static site by prominently incorporating three new features:

  • This monthly online magazine, LIFELINES ONLINE
  • Our online publications catalogue
  • An automated publication ordering system

These features allow us to change the site’s look every month, to provide up-to-the-month information aimed at our key audiences and to offer easy access to the publications. More generally, the site presents the full range of issues addressed by the Fund and thus serves as an introduction and gateway for anyone who finds our work of interest or possible use.

Our site was redesigned to serve the needs of our three core constituencies:

  • LIUNA business managers and agents
  • signatory employers and their safety officers
  • health and welfare fund trustees and administrators

By helping these constituencies do their jobs better, we help improve the lives of Laborers and their families at home and on-the-job.

Two years ago, LIFELINES ONLINE opened with an initial subscription base of 957. Since that time, we have increased subscribers by more than 190 percent to 2805. We are not slowing down.

“Everyone here at the Fund is happy with the way the website has developed and provided more interaction with our key audiences,” says Noel C. Borck, Executive Vice President of the NEA – the Association of Union Constructors and Management Co-Chairman of the LHSFNA. “On behalf of the capable staff at the LHSFNA, we thank our users for your patronage and hope you continue to visit our website, taking advantage of our ongoing efforts to ensure healthier and safer work environments for Laborers and the best workforce possible for our signatory employers.”

Our most popular articles

At the LHSFNA, we endeavor to cover a wide variety of subjects regarding health and safety. This is evident in the complement of new articles offered each month. The following are the top five most popular pages that our users have visited since July 2004:

The Noise homepage (3621 visits)

OSH Home Page (3210 visits)

Biggest Loser Season 2 (2839 visits)

Ergonomics Home Page (2451 visits)

Mission Statement (2013 visits)

Our top ten publications

From pamphlets and manuals to CD’s and videotapes, the LHSFNA uses many different formats to get information to our constituency. These are the most frequently requested publications:

Medical Screening and Exam Recommendations for Laborers (health alert)
Confined Spaces (health alert)
Back Injuries (health alert)
Controlling Silica Exposure in Construction
Free Health Hotlines and Websites (health alert)
Heat Equation
A Laborer’s Guide to Prevent Hearing Loss in Construction
Scaffold User Pocket Guide
Cold Stress in Construction (health alert)
Hand Injuries (health alert)

These lists are the direct result of your participation and feedback through our site. Your clicks guide us in our ongoing effort to keep you informed on all health and safety matters of interest. We also continue to receive a consistent flow of monthly emails-to-the-editor.

Our website supports the Fund’s direct work which is provided by our professional staff of certified industrial hygienists, occupational health nurses, environmental health specialists, licensed clinical social workers, benefits specialists, computer services analysts and health researchers who serve our constituencies through a variety of ever-evolving programs.

We are committed both to healthier Laborers and to healthier employer bottom lines. We’re here to help, and we welcome your continued input and support.