Health & Welfare Fund Assistance

With the constant challenges that arise in the administration of LIUNA Health & Welfare Funds, the Health Promotion Division provides support and assistance to Fund trustees and professionals.

Division staff offers expertise in a number of areas including benefit and plan review, requests for proposals, data analysis, insurance industry trends, the impact of legislative initiatives and regulations, managed care and fund mergers. Because no two LIUNA Health and Welfare Funds are alike, each request is handled individually, and the research and recommendations are specific to the particular Fund’s needs.

Division staff also assists Funds with the publication of health & welfare newsletters. For assistance, contact the Health Promotion Division at 202-628-5465.

To assist Laborers, Local Unions, signatory employers and LIUNA Health and Welfare Funds with managing developments related to health care and insurance, the Health Promotion Division provides regular updates and explanations in the Health Care and Insurance News Bulletin. Click here to subscribe to this bi-weekly bulletin.

The LHSFNA’s Glossary of Health Care Terms provides additional information.