Good health is critical to all Laborers and their families. For construction Laborers – who usually do not earn sick days – illness can also carry a lost pay penalty. Healthy Laborers are also critical to LIUNA signatory employers who depend on them to meet their production goals. Promoting the health and vitality of Laborers and their families is the ultimate focus of all Health Promotion (HP) Division activity.

However, because Laborers get their health care coverage through the LIUNA health and welfare funds, promoting the “health” of the funds, themselves, is also a key component of the HP Division’s mission.

In 2006, the HP Division pursued a diverse range of initiatives to fulfill both parts of its mission.

The Fund’s Health Promotion team is an experienced group, excited about its services and ready to take on the variety of issues involved in nurturing healthy Laborers and sustaining healthy funds.

To tap this resource, all you need to do is call.