One way to strengthen your relationship with the signatory contractors whose sites you visit is to offer them a hand. With the help of the LHSFNA, you can provide a trained, professional, second opinion on the dangers and available remedies for your signatory contractors’ worksites.

A new brochure, Can Your Site Use a Second Opinion?, describes this valuable LHSFNA service and offers testimonials from contractors who have taken advantage of it. Next time you visit a worksite, make sure the owner or the safety officer gets a brochure.

The new brochure can be ordered on the LHSFNA online Publications Catalogue. Copies will be printed and sent directly to you.

Site visit and consultation services are among the most valuable services that the Fund provides signatory employers. Not only will the consultation identify hazards, it also will suggest solutions, identify sources of assistance, provide a written report, assist in development of an effective safety and health program and provide training and educational materials to support that program.

All visits are at the request of the union and the contractor. The Fund does not investigate against either side, and it issues no citations or fines. The entire program is proactive, designed to strengthen worksite safety and health through the insights of professionals and the collaboration of the company and its Laborers.

For more information on site visits and their potential to help, call the Occupational Safety and Health Division or review this analysis.