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Laborers' Health and Safety Fund of North America

The Laborers’ Health and Safety Fund of North America is committed both to healthier Laborers and healthier employer bottom lines.

We know that union labor is paid better and has a better benefits package than non-union labor. This adds to the operating costs of employers who sign union contracts.

However, we also know that LIUNA members are far better trained and generally more experienced than their non-union peers and that this fosters stronger production outcomes and enhanced reputations for signatory employers.

Further, we know that a safety conscious and healthy workforce has far less lost work time injuries and reduced workers’ compensation costs and that the on-going control of these expenses is a key element in improving competitiveness for employers.

Finally, we know that outstanding, long-term health promotion and occupational safety and health programs mean happier, more fulfilling lives for Laborers and their families.

Our Fund embraces the collaborative strategy of LIUNA and its signatory employers to build market share for union Laborers. The Fund is managed jointly by equal numbers of trustees from labor and from management. It embodies the common interest of union members and union employers in the areas of health and safety.

We are dedicated to:

  • Enhancing jobsite health and safety
  • Bolstering the health of Laborers and their families
  • Strengthening the health benefit services of LIUNA health & welfare funds
  • Boosting the competitiveness of LIUNA signatory employers
  • Supporting the Laborers' International Union of North America


Labor Co-Chairman
Management Co-Chairman

Armand E. Sabitoni

LIUNA General Secretary-Treasurer and
New England Regional Manager

Noel C. Borck

Management Trustee

Joseph S. Mancinelli

LIUNA Vice President and
Central and Eastern Canada Regional Manager

Kenneth N. Perry

Senior Director of Industrial Relations
Fluor Constructors International, Inc.

Terrence M. Healy

LIUNA Vice President,
Great Lakes Regional Manager and
Acting Northwest Regional Manager

David F. Rampone

Hart Engineering

Rocco Davis

LIUNA Vice President,
Pacific Southwest Regional Manager and
Special Assistant to the General President

James P. Piazza, Jr.

Director of Policy and Governmental Affairs
Heavy Highway Contractors Association

Dennis L. Martire

LIUNA Vice President and
Mid-Atlantic Regional Manager

Ross J. Pepe

Construction Industry Council of
Westchester and Hudson Valley, Inc.

John Penn

LIUNA Vice President and
Midwest Regional Manager

Tony Fanelli

Executive Director
Construction Labour Relations
Association of Ontario

Raymond M. Pocino

LIUNA Vice President and
Eastern Regional Manager

William W. Koponen

Industrial Relations Director
Syblon Reid


Lisa M. Sabitoni

Executive Director

Lisa was appointed as the Fund's Executive Director in December, 2009, after serving more than ten years as the Assistant Executive Director. She started at the Fund in 1996 as Fund Counsel.   Previously, she was a Field Representative for the Laborers’ Institute for Training and Education.

Lisa is a 1991 graduate of the University of Rhode Island with a B.A. degree in English and Psychology and a 1994 graduate of the New England School of Law in Boston, Massachusetts. She is a member of the Rhode Island, Massachusetts and District of Columbia Bars.

Administrative Division

Lisa M. Sabitoni, Executive Director

Sheri Wineglass, Executive Assistant to Administration

Dan Borchers, Receptionist


Accounting Division

Patrick Kelly, Director

Valda Parchment, Accounting Assistant


Health Promotion

Jamie F. Becker, Director, Health Promotion

Emily Smith, Health Promotion Manager

Matthew Brown, Health & Welfare Specialist

Carly Sager, Health Promotion Assistant


Occupational Safety and Health Division

Walter Jones, Director, Occupational Safety and Health

Travis Parsons, Associate Director

Ryan Papariello, Safety & Health Specialist


Communications Department

Nick Fox, Communications Manager

Arianna Hodges, Graphic Designer

Anne-Marie Hainer, Digital Media Specialist

Eileen Borchers, Production Clerk


Computer Services Department

Rob Kolosky, Applications Engineer

David Klineburger, IT Technician