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Chronic Disease

In the U.S., 70 percent of all deaths are due to chronic disease. In Canada, the figure is 89 percent. Three conditions – cancer, heart disease and stroke – account for about half of these deaths. In combination with diabetes, arthritis and a few other conditions, these chronic diseases impair almost half of all adults in the two countries.

Although chronic diseases are among the most common, serious and costly health problems, they are also among the most preventable.

The leading causes of chronic diseases are:

  • Lack of physical acivity
  • Poor nutrition
  • Tobacco use
  • Excessive alcohol consumption

By modifying their risk factors, LIUNA members and their families can prevent or lessen the negative effects of certain chronic diseases. The LHSFNA has many publications that address behaviors which contribute greatly to chronic disease. Go to Fund’s online catalogue to view these and related topics. For more information, contact the Health Promotion Division at 202-628-5465.

Chronic Disease

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