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Health Care and Insurance News Bulletins 

March 9, 2016 – March 23, 2016

The purpose of this bulletin is to compile a handful of articles relating to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) that are most pertinent to LIUNA and its health and welfare funds. We hope you find this biweekly bulletin helpful and informative.

Three Changes Consumers Can Expect In Next Year’s Obamacare Coverage
Health insurance isn’t simple. Neither are government regulations. Put the two together and things can get confusing fast.

Health Insurance Gains Due to Obama's Law, Not Economy
There's growing evidence that most of the dramatic gain in the number of Americans with health care coverage is due to President Barack Obama's law, and not the gradual recovery of the nation's economy.

FAQ: What Are The Penalties For Not Getting Insurance?
If you’re uninsured, you may have questions about possible penalties for not having coverage. The fine may be bigger than you expect.

FDA will require warnings on immediate-release painkillers
In an effort to stem the epidemic of prescription drug abuse, the Food and Drug Administration will require its strongest warning on immediate-release opioid painkillers.

For U.S. seniors, healthcare quality is all over the map
Seniors living in Manhattan spend an average of nearly 25 days a year at doctor visits or at a hospital. But in Lebanon, New Hampshire, contact with the healthcare system is far lower - just 10 days on average.


Split Views On Health Overhaul In Ohio
Adults in Ohio are divided when it comes to whether they believe the Affordable Care Act has been good or bad for them.

Wyoming enrollment in Affordable Care Act program climbs
The number of Wyoming residents registered for subsidized health insurance under the federal Affordable Care Act continues to climb.