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Health Care and Insurance News Bulletins 

October 24, 2016 – November 8, 2016

The purpose of this bulletin is to compile a handful of articles relating to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) that are most pertinent to LIUNA and its health and welfare funds. We hope you find this biweekly bulletin helpful and informative.

Why employees feel so pinched by health-care costs
The growth in employees’ share of health-care premiums and deductibles has slowed over the past decade, but their incomes have lagged behind, according to a new study.

Rates Up 22 Percent For Obamacare Plans, But Subsidies Rise, Too
The cost of health insurance under the Affordable Care Act is expected to rise an average of 22 percent in 2017, according to information released by the Obama administration Monday afternoon.

16.4M people have gained health coverage since 2013
New data show that 16.4 million people have gained health insurance since ObamaCare’s main coverage provisions went into effect in 2013. The survey from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) finds that the uninsured rate is near a record low, at 8.9 percent, just slightly higher than the 8.6 percent record in the first quarter of this year.


Behavior Must Change Before Health Care Prices Stabilize, Insurance Expert Says
One prediction of the Affordable Care Act was that health care prices would drop when more people became insured. The idea was that providers would no longer shoulder the costs of caring for the uninsured.

HHS offers preview of plans
Kansans who get their health insurance through the federal Affordable Care Act website can’t buy yet — but they can look.

Three metro east counties down to one insurer on Affordable Care Act exchanges
The eastern St. Louis metro area has been particularly hard hit by health insurance companies exiting the Affordable Care Act exchange.

Advocates suggest ways to cut health insurance costs
State lawmakers heard from consumer advocates Wednesday on how to slow premium increases for those buying health insurance on the state exchange, proposals that might also moderate costs for the majority getting coverage through an employer.