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Journey to a Healthier You Series

The goal of the LHSFNA's Journey to a Healthier You series is to educate our audience about the eight dimensions of wellness and enhance readers' own personal sense of wellness. The series focuses on one dimension each month, providing tips and strategies readers can apply to their own lives and the different roles they may fill.

How Do Health and Wellness Differ?

For more about the difference between health and wellness, check out the article that kicked off the series below.

Health and Wellness Explained (January 2016)


The following eight dimentions of wellness will be updated as new articles in the series are published:


Health-Enhancing Habits (February 2016)

How Much Should I Exercise? (October 2016)


Live in Harmony (March 2016)

The Influence of Social Support on Health (November 2016)


Enrich Your Mind (April 2016)

Strategies to Exercise Your Brain (December 2016)


Staying Strong Through Life’s Challenges (May 2016)

Practice Gratitude (February 2017)


What Is Your State of Mind? (June 2016)

Self-Care for Caregivers (May 2017)


Get to Know Your Finances (July 2016)

Don't Let Financial Stress Get the Best of You (August 2017)


Identify Your Interests and Achieve Fulfillment (August 2016)

Donate Your Time and Talents to a Cause You Find Worthwhile (November 2017)


What Is Your Meaning and Purpose? (September 2016)

Avoid the Comparison Trap (February 2018)


This series concluded in May of 2018 with the following article, Wrapping Up Our Series on Wellness.