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The LHSFNA's Sun Sense Plus 2017 Campaign


Spending much of their time outdoors puts Laborers at risk for overexposure to the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays, which are proven to cause premature skin aging and skin cancer. Wearing sunscreen along with sunglasses, hats and other protective clothing can help prevent overexposure, but the key is making these practices daily habits that all workers practice year round.

Outdoor work also puts Laborers at risk for heat stress when high temperatures or workloads don't let the body cool off fast enough. Heat stress can lead to dehydration, muscle cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke, which can be fatal. Heat stress can be prevented by allowing workers to acclimatize to the heat and by providing them with water, rest and shade.

The Laborers’ Health & Safety Fund of North America (LHSFNA) raises awareness about the dangers of skin cancer and heat stress through its Sun Sense Plus campaign. Along with distributing sunscreen, lip balm, neck flaps and cooling cloths to Laborers across the U.S. and Canada, the Fund also provides posters, Health Alerts and other educational materials to make sure members know how to avoid skin cancer and heat stress and recognize early signs and symptoms.

Sun Sense Plus 2017 products and publications are available free of charge to LIUNA Locals, signatory contractors and members. Some products are only available in limited quantities and may not be available all year.

Ordering Sun Sense Plus Products and Publications

There are two ways to order: 

1. Download and print the Sun Sense Plus 2017 Product Page and Order Form, then follow instructions to mail or fax a hard copy to the LHSFNA.

2. Fill out the Fund's new online order form below and click Submit at the bottom of this page.

If you have any questions about the ordering process or the Sun Sense Plus campaign, please call the Health Promotion Division at 202-628-5465. 





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*Limited to 150. You may request additional quantities in the Additional Notes field at the bottom of this order form, but please keep in mind some products are only available in limited quantities and may not be available all year.



Skin Cancer Toolbox Talk


Skin Cancer Health Alert


Sun-Sensitive Medications Health Alert


Preventing Heat Stress in Construction


All About Sunscreen


The Heat is On: Stay Hydrated


The Heat is On: Shade Saves


It's Easy


Recognize the Dangers of Working Outside


Don't Be Blinded By the Light


If You Can Peel It, You Should've Sealed It


Skin Cancer Is no Day at the Beach


Enough Said! Use Sunscreen


Cancer - A Lasting Effect of the Sun


**Please allow at least 3 weeks for delivery. If items are needed sooner, list the date needed and any details in the Additional Notes field below.

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