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Published: August, 2006; Vol 3, Num 3



August, 2006

The following comment was received by the website at 4:49:16 PM on Thursday June 29, 2006.

I want to commend the Laborers for your emphasis program to get members to protect themselves while working in the sun. The hazards are real and can be deadly. Unfortunately, our culture still sees a good tan as desirable. I was always able to tan nicely and looked forward to working construction without a shirt each summer, along with spending time at the beach. Five years ago I developed a melanoma on my back, which would have killed me by now had my wife not discovered it and urged me to take action. Fortunately, it was caught before it spread. Now I use sun screen whenever I have any prolonged period in the sun. It is no big deal to rub some on before you go out. There are also special shirts available that provide additional UV protection. I urge your members to take the few extra steps it takes to protect themselves and to regularly examine themselves for moles that have changed appearance. Caught early, melanoma is 100 percent curable. I'm living proof. I love summer and being outside, but I do it more carefully now. It takes very little effort. Feel free to use these comments, if it will help.

Warm regards,
Bruce Lippy
The Lippy Group, LLC