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Published: December, 2005; Vol 2, Num 7


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From: Kathe Houston
Western Missouri and Kansas LECET
Sent: Thursday, November 03, 2005
Subject: FW: Comment from website

Mr. Clark,

I didn't mean to point out any mistake [the writer had previously requested the links to the USDA Kid’s Food Pyramid, which had been improperly referenced in the initial online story – Ed.). I was just curious. I thought the article was good and I'm glad you included it in LIFELINES. I don't think that parents take enough responsibility for teaching their children to eat correctly in our American Society. It is easier just to give kids fast food or what ever the child wants.

My son, now 29 years of age, was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes at age three and I spent a good portion of my life living and dealing with proper diet. Luckily, I learned a lot in the process and my son is now a Union Electrician with fairly good health.

I often cringe at what people are eating and feeding their children because I know how important a healthy diet is for good health. I applaud your effort to make your readers aware of this subject.

Thanks for the e-mail links and keep up the good work!

Kathe Houston