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Published: December, 2006; Vol 3, Num 7

Best Wishes for Holidays and the Year Ahead

“The Holidays are a joyous time, and we wish all Laborers and their families the very best during this season,” says Armand E. Sabitoni, LIUNA General Secretary-Treasurer and Labor Co-Chairman of the LHSFNA. “We also extend best wishes to all our signatory employers, our health and welfare fund administrators and the staffs that work for them. Altogether, these are the partners that make possible the successful work of our Fund. We thank you for your support and dedication to our members’ health and safety throughout the year.”

2006 was a strong year for the North American construction industry and for many of the other economic sectors where Laborers are employed. It was also a year of change for the American labor movement and, with its convention last September, the Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA) focused, strengthened and reaffirmed its commitment to the well-being of its 800,000 members. Then, in November, the American voters restored the Democrats to power in Congress, setting the stage for new directions in the years to come.

“2006 was an eventful year, but 2007 promises even more debate and further change,” says LHSFNA Management Co-Chairman, Noel C. Borck. “Many of the key issues are in the realm of wellness, health care insurance or occupational safety and health – all matters of prime importance to our Fund and our partners.”

Among the specific, high-priority topics for 2007 are:

  • Controlling the costs of health care and ensuring coverage for all Americans
  • Getting a handle on the obesity epidemic in North America
  • Restoring an effective level of government oversight in areas of occupational safety and health

“The LHSFNA staff is actively involved in every significant health and safety issue that relates to Laborers and their families,” says Sabitoni. “The Fund will continue to present you with perspectives on change while seeking your input and recommendations for action.”

“We appreciate all the support we received in 2006,” adds Borck, “and we look forward with excitement to 2007. Whatever the future holds, we wish all our friends and partners a happy, prosperous, successful, safe and healthy new year.”