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Published: February, 2019; Vol 15, Num 9


Health & Safety Headlines

Cancer Death Rates Hit 25 Year Low

In the U.S., the death rate for cancer has now dropped for 25 years in a row. Most of this decline is attributed to reduced smoking rates and advances in early detection and treatment. While this is a great milestone to celebrate, there’s also reason to stay vigilant. Certain cancers, including those of the thyroid, pancreas and uterus, are on the rise – and all of them are linked to obesity.

Tracking the Romaine Lettuce E.coli Outbreak

The outbreak that forced grocery stores across the country to empty their shelves of romaine lettuce has ended. Questions remain about the exact source of the outbreak after the same strain of E.coli was found on multiple farms, suggesting the original source may be contaminated irrigation water.

Nanomaterial Awareness, Research Lags Behind Use

A recent study from CPWR – The Center for Construction Research and Training – found that more research is needed to determine the potential health risks of nanomaterials in construction. Despite more than 500 products on the market that include nanomaterials, current research is limited, due largely to a lack of federal funding.

A 10-Minute Walk Can Help the Brain

A new study suggests even short stints of very light exercise, such as walking or riding a bike, can improve brain function. The benefits of exercise on the brain are well-established, but previous studies focused on more vigorous exercise that raises a person’s heart rate, such as running or swimming.

[Nick Fox]