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Published: June, 2008; Vol 5, Num 1


LIFELINES ONLINE Celebrates Birthday

This issue of LIFELINES ONLINE marks our fourth anniversary. The publication was introduced on June 1, 2004, as the home page of the Fund’s newly redesigned website. 

Since then, in 48 issues (see archive), we’ve published 356 stories (an average of 7.4 per issue). Our niche is any health-related topic that’s relevant to the members and families of the Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA), its signatory employers, their health and welfare funds, local union officials, LECET local offices or Laborers’ training centers. Health care costs, wellness, worksite safety, workers’ compensation, disease management, substance abuse, safety culture, government regulation, medical research…all these and much more are the regular focus of our reporting. Occasionally, you also see relevant TV and movie reviews. The feedback from our readers indicates that we topical information in a highly accessible format.

A quick review of our site statistics shows that our most popular story of all time is , from the Fall 2004 issue of our print magazine LIFELINES (the articles that appear in the print publication are also archived online). Perhaps, given the increased attention that Americans and Canadians now pay to the problems of weight gain and inactivity, it’s not surprising that a number of fitness and nutrition stories are on the All-Time list.

We appreciate that you read our magazine, but we’re always interested in improving the product. We welcome your suggestions.

[Steve Clark]