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Published: October, 2010; Vol 7, Num 5




PEST (Photo Enforcement Safety Tip) Sheet Scaffolds


American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) SH&E Digest

California Health Department

Preventing Falls in the Solar Industry

Fall Protection (Spanish)

Ladders – Extension; also in Spanish

Ladders – Step; also in Spanish

Scaffolds; also in Spanish


Aerial Lift Safety (Spanish)

Choosing and Inspecting Ladders

Climbing Ladders Safely

Don't Fall for It! (Video; English; 81MB; high-resolution file to download or view)

Don't Fall for It! (Video; Spanish; 81MB; high-resolution file to download or view)

Don't Fall for It! (Video; English; 27MB; medium-resolution file to download or view)

Don't Fall for It! (Video; Spanish; 27MB; medium-resolution file to download or view)

Fall Protection Harnesses (Spanish)

Falls Data from Chart Book

Ladder Safety (Spanish)

Scaffold Safety (Spanish)

Tip Sheets

Protect Yourself from Fatal or Crippling Falls

Setting Up Portable Ladders

Construction Roundtable

Prevention of Fall Fatalities and Injuries in Construction

Prevencion de fatalidades y lesiones de caidas en la industrial de la construccion

ISEA's Fall Protection Equipment Buying Guide

Labor Occupational Health Program (UC Berkeley)

Fall Protection Training Guide (Spanish), Checklist (Spanish), Case Studies (Spanish)

Guardrails Training Guide (Spanish), Checklist (Spanish)

Portable Ladders Training Guide (Spanish), Checklist (Spanish), Case Study (Spanish)

Scaffolds Training Guide (Spanish), Checklist (Spanish), Case Study (Spanish)

Massachusetts Department of Public Health Ladder Safety for Residential Contractors

Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) Portable Skid-Mounted Fall Protection System


Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) reports (search Falls in Construction)

Falls from Elevation

Fall Protection System

Fatality Case Studies on Falls

May 2010 International Fall Prevention Conference

NORA Goals on Fall Prevention (see page 15)

National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) Building Design Elements for Enhanced Fall Protection for Construction and Maintenance Personnel

Oregon OSHA

Fall Protection for the Construction Industry

Fall Protection Options for Specialty Contractors (Spanish)

Safe Practices for Setting and Bracing Wood Trusses and Rafters (Spanish)

Safe Practices for Setting Floor Joists, Sheathing/Decking, and Constructing Exterior Walls



Construction Falls Page

Construction Falls eTool

Fall Protection Standard

1926 Subpart M - Fall Protection
1926.500 - Scope, application, and definitions applicable to this subpart.
1926.501 - Duty to have fall protection.
1926.502 - Fall protection systems criteria and practices.
1926.503 - Training requirements.
1926 Subpart M App A - Determining Roof Widths - Non-mandatory Guidelines for Complying with 1926.501(b)(10)
1926 Subpart M App B - Guardrail Systems - Non-Mandatory Guidelines for Complying with 1926.502(b)
1926 Subpart M App C - Personal Fall Arrest Systems - Non-Mandatory Guidelines for Complying with 1926.502(d)
1926 Subpart M App D - Positioning Device Systems - Non-Mandatory Guidelines for Complying with 1926.502(e)
1926 Subpart M App E - Sample Fall Protection Plan - Non-Mandatory Guidelines for Complying with 1926.502(k)

OSHA Alliance Program’s Workplace Design Solutions to Prevent Falls in Construction

Washington State Department of Labor and Industries

Causes of Death: Ladders are Killers


Falls from Elevation

Falls on the Same Level

Floors and Other Openings

Full Body Harnesses/Lifelines



Training Requirements – Fall Hazards


WorksafeBC - Fall Prevention

Construction Safety Association of Ontario

Extension Ladders

Falls Page

Fall Protection – Approvals and Inspection

Fall Protection – Basic Types

Fall Protection – Rope Grabs


Scaffods – Planks and Decks

Scaffolds – Structural Components

Step Ladders

Suspended Access

Suspended Access Equipment – Calculating Counterweights

Suspended Access – Tiebacks

Three-Point Contact

Special Issue on Falls in Construction (Summer, 2009)

Falls from the Top Plate (WorksafeBC video)


British Health and Safety Executive (HSE)

Fall from a Mobile Elevated Work Platform

Fall Hazard Interactive Learning Tool

Fall Prevention

Fall Whilst Using a Stepladder

Joint Problem Solving: Working at Heights Up to 4.5 Meters

Ladder Exchange Program

Ladder Exchange Program (HSE podcast)

Preventing Falls from Boom-Type Mobile Elevated Work Platforms

Roof Repair Work

Safe Use of Ladders and Stepladders

Shattered Lives Campaign (Slips and Trips)

Top Tips for Ladder and Stepladder Safety

Tower Scaffolds

Work at Heights

Working at Heights Toolkit

Working on Roofs