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Published: Winter, 2004; Vol 6, Num 1


New Employees Add Skills to LHSFNA Staff

Mark Dempsey

Mark Dempsey

Mark Dempsey.

A former railroad conductor with AMTRAK, Mark Dempsey has joined the Fund's staff as its new Shipping Clerk. In that capacity, he's responsible for filling publication orders from business managers, training centers, local health and welfare funds and signatory contractors.

"After college I tended bar and then got into railroad work. Those were glamour jobs for a young guy, but it's hard to have a life when you're up all night or on the road most of the time. I needed to reestablish my base."

Unmarried, Mark now lives in Frederick, Maryland and is focused on local interests. "I'm into astronomy and poetry, golf and softball." His softball team finished third in the state in this summer's competition.

Peggy Bolz

After nine and a half years at the New Jersey Building Laborers' Training Fund, Peggy Bolz recently joined the LHSFNA staff as its Occupational Health Nurse.


Peggy Bolz

Bolz, who has been a registered nurse for more than 30 years, decided to join the Fund because, "from the point of view of providing health services to Laborers, the health and safety fund was the next logical step for me."

"My father worked construction, but his generation didn't focus on health and safety like many of today's younger members do," says Bolz who, herself, is a member of LIUNA Local 595. "When we do health fairs, members are very interested and appreciative. Personal health is important to them."

Bolz earned her nursing diploma from the Mercer Medical Center and her B.S. from Stockton State College. She has three adult children; "No grandchildren, yet." She loves the beach, and fishing is one of her hobbies.

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