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Confined Spaces Rescue/Emergency Services Requirements (1926.1211)


Hired Services
  • The employer must evaluate the ability of the rescue services to respond in a timely manner (depending on the hazard) and the ability of the rescue services to rescue entrant(s) from the permit spaces on the site - 1926.1211(a)(1)
  • Select a rescue service that: 
    • Can reach the space in the appropriate time frame
    • Is equipped for and proficient in the needed rescue
    • Will notify the employer immediately if the service becomes unavailable -1926.1211(a)(2)
  • Inform the rescue service of the hazards they might face - 1926.1211(a)(3)
  • Provide the rescue team access to all permit spaces so they can develop rescue plans and practice rescues - 1926.1211(a)(4)
In-House Services
  • The employer must provide all equipment and training at no cost
  • Must provide each employee with the personal protective equipment (PPE) they need for rescues and training so they are proficient
  • Rescuers must be trained as authorized entrants and in basic first aid and CPR (one members must be first-aid/CPR certified)
  • Rescuers must make practice rescues before attempting an actual rescue and at least once every 12 months with simulated rescue operations (unless they performed an actual rescue in the past 12 months in the same or similar space) - 1926.1211(b) and 1926.1211(c)
  • Non-entry rescue is required (unless it poses a hazard) with emergency assistance available in case of failure
    • Authorized entrants must have a chest/full body harness with a retrieval line at the center back or above the head (or wristlets/anklets if a harness is infeasible or hazardous)
    • The retrieval line must be connected to a mechanical device/fixed point so rescue can begin as soon as possible
    • A mechanical device is required for retrievals of more than 5 feet
    • Unsuitable equipment for the space must not be used
    • Safety data sheets (SDSs) or other hazard information must be kept on the site and made available to medical personnel - 1926.1211(c)

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