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Construction Noise Control Partnership


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Thousands of construction workers in this country are hearing impaired because of their work, and thousands more are destroying their hearing because of their work in construction.

To end this trend of rampant hearing loss among construction workers, the Laborer’s Health and Safety Fund of North America started the Construction Noise Control Partnership (CNCP). It is comprised of the Laborer’ International Union of North America (LIUNA), other trade unions, contractors, public health organizations, government agencies, equipment manufacturers and academics.

Since the inception of the CNCP, three working groups have been formed to carry out the goals of the partnership. These groups are the Best Practices work group, the Communications work group, and the Noise Measurement work group. The meeting minutes and work products and of these groups, as well as other documents pertinent to CNCP can be viewed by clicking on the individual item in the list below.


Members and Contacts

Meeting Minutes
CNCP Minutes 02/08/01
CNCP Best Practices Work Group 02/08/01
CNCP Communications Work Group 02/08/01
CNCP Noise Measurement Work Group 02/08/01
CNCP Communications Work Group 08/22/01
CNCP Minutes 02/12/03

Quieting Your Construction Site
The Construction Noise Control Partnership (Neitzel)

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