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Construction Noise Control Partnership Minutes

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Scott Schneider, Laborers' Health and Safety Fund
Walter Jones, Laborers' Health and Safety Fund
Efrem Reeves, NIOSH Pittsburgh
Bud Spencer, NIOSH Pittsburgh
Wayne Rice, NEA
Brad Sant, ARTBA
Bill Perry, OSHA Standards
Neil Davis, OSHA Standards
Betty Hintch, Compliance Magazine
John Dimos, Chicagoland Construction Safety Council
Kim Nipko, OSHA Illinois
Charlie Shields, OSHA Illinois
Rick Neitzel, University of Washington
Russ Hutchison, AEM
Janice Bradley, ISEA

Introductions were made. Scott reviewed the history of the CNCP efforts and the progress in the past year. This included:

  • Quieting your Jobsite article on CNCP was published in the NAPA journal, ISEA newsletter and Concrete Sawing and Drilling Association magazine
  • Our website is posted
  • Our brochure is published
  • Noise control workshop at the May 2002 CPWR/CSC conference
  • NIOSH has posted student projects on controlling noise from hand held power tools on its website
  • Comments were developed and sent to OSHA on it’s ANPR for a standard on hearing conservation in construction

Neil Davis updated us on the OSHA standard effort. OSHA got 57 comments on the ANPR. They are reviewing the comments and preparing an options memo this Spring for the OSHA Asst Secretary.

We discussed the development of the Best Practice Guide. The guide would include an introduction discussing why noise control is important, a section discussing principles of noise control in construction and about two dozen case studies. Each case study would show a noisy task or piece of equipment, the noise level for this operation, a simple solution, and the noise reduction achieved. It would also discuss, where possible, the cost of the solution, and the source of the solution or where to get more information. Photographs should be included. Principles of noise control can be lifted in part from the 1980 Noise Control book OSHA published.

It was decided that LHSF would start by circulating a template and a list of known solutions. We will also circulate a call for case studies to a variety of media including Compliance magazine, ARTBA journal, Chicagoland CSC.

Questions arose as to when the information on noise levels required for compliance with the European regulations will be available. Russ will check on this. This will be essential to support our recommendations to employers to buy quieter equipment. Case studies- John Dimos will write up his experiences from concrete finishing work. Wayne Rice will check on experiences from the Big Dig. Janice Stebbins will check on information from the Hand Tool manufacturers. NIOSH will see if there are any useful case studies at the NOISE-CON conference this spring. Obviously, many of the case studies from Work Safe Western Australia can be used.

We discussed a next meeting, perhaps at ASSE’s construction safety conference in Denver or at the National Safety Council Congress in September in Chicago. Scott will also discuss this project with the AIHA Noise Committee at the AIHCE conference in Dallas in May and solicit their participation.

Timeline for the Best Practice Guide is:

  • Distribute template and list of known interventions and call for case studies in March 2003, List to be divided up and assigned for drafting case studies
  • Draft case studies written by September 2003
  • Final draft ready for publication by end of 2003

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