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National Conference to Prevent Hearing Loss in Construction:


Address: Preventing Hearing Loss in the Construction Trades: A Best Practices Conference

Closing Remarks

LHSFNA Executive Director

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MR. FOWLER: Thank you very much, Marin and Max, and for your agency. Thank you very much for a tremendous amount of information, and we appreciate that.

As we conclude this great conference, I first want to thank all of the speakers and workshop representatives. Can we give them a hand, please?


MR. FOWLER: I also want to thank our co-sponsors, NIOSH and OSHA, as well as all of our event sponsors who are listed in your programs. We appreciate their support. We could not have done this without them. There are a lot of folks from our staff at LIUNA who worked very hard to make this conference a success, and I just want to thank them publicly, Sandra Khoury, back there, and John Luksch from the LIUNA Travel, who have done a great amount of work for us. Linda Fisher, the director of LIUNA Public Affairs, who was here yesterday, is not here today, but she was great. Vanessa Holloway. Vanessa, where are you? Arianna Hodges in into a new project back in the building. Lester Armstead, Valda Parchment, Rudy Richardson, John Semeraro, and Eddy Vacaflor, who probably stole off with the computer stuff again here, Ken Hoffner, Ken right here, George Macaluso. As I watched George try to change that, although with Max there, I was grateful that Marin did not choose to say how many men does it take to change a slide projector. That was very charitable of you. Eddy Vacaflor is back there. Thank you, Eddy. Lisa Sabitoni, who is here, who worked closely with Scott on this, and a very special thanks to Scott for being the tireless organizer/planner and advocate for this whole thing. We appreciate you very much. No pay raise goes with this, Scott, but you did great.

Scott asked that you please drop your evaluation forms on the table outside.

As we end this conference, just a thought for you. We have given you a lot of information, a lot of statistics, and a lot of ideas which I hope will spur a lot of improvement in hearing conservation for workers.

But as you leave, it seems to me what we really want to remember is the presentation that started this with Bill Duke. The real goal of this conference and which should motivate all of us is to make sure that no Laborer, no worker ever has to tell a conference like this that he could not hear his dying sister's last words to him. I mean, if you go out of here with nothing else, that is what we should be thinking about, saying we really need to make a difference here.

So I want to thank all of you for your attendance. You have been great, and we look forward to making some progress here. Have a safe trip home, and thank you all very much.


[End of conference.]

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