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Work Activity Scheduling


Work activity scheduling are administrative means to control noise exposure. Planning how noise sources are sited and organized on a work site can reduce noise hazards. Whenever possible, stationary noise sources like generators and compressors should be positioned as far as possible from noise sensitive receivers (workers, schools, residential buildings). When possible, stacks, spoils, and other construction material can be placed or stored around noise sources to reduce the hazard to receivers. Advantage should be taken of the screening effect any nearby object, such as cooling tanks, trailers or temporary site offices.

Jobs can be rotated so that exposure time is limited. Transferring workers from a high exposure task to a lower exposure task could make the employee’s daily noise exposure acceptable. Administrative controls include activity planning, for example, scheduling pavement breaking operations so as to reduce the number of work site workers exposed. In addition noisy equipment should not be run for periods longer than necessary and should be switched off when not in use.

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