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The aim of the Research Division is the investigation and analysis of issues that affect the health and safety of LIUNA members at work and the quality of life of Laborers and their families at home and in retirement.

The work is carried out through a variety of medical studies, worksite investigations, collaborative assessments and scientific exchange with professionals in the labor, construction, medical, insurance, equipment manufacturing, materials production and other relevant sectors of the American, Canadian and global economies.

The Division:

  • Collaborates with signatory employers and Laborers in the development of safety and prevention programs.
  • Monitors government agencies and advocates for appropriate compensation for Laborers who are exposed to hazardous substances and radiation through their work.
  • Facilitates partnerships among Laborers, signatory employers, fraternal unions and equipment manufacturers to enhance the health and safety of Laborers in the construction industry.

The Research Division welcomes input and feedback from LIUNA members, signatory employers and health & welfare fund administrators and trustees.