Resolutions to Manage Your Diabetes

  1. Get moving! Talk to your doctor and establish an exercise routine. Start slowly and gradually build your intensity. Keep an exercise log and note how it affects your blood glucose results.  Work with your doctor to discover your ideal weight and how to maintain it.
  2. Include sweets in your meal plan. You can have sugar, but watch carbohydrate-heavy foods. One way to lower your blood glucose is to count the carbs in your meals and limit yourself.
  3. Be smart about dining out. Eat at restaurants with a wide variety of choices and control your portions.
  4. Monitor your blood glucose levels. Check with your doctor and your insurance company on the best measurement tool (i.e., meters or strips).
  5. Commit to visiting your doctor regularly, every three to six months, depending on your needs. Your doctor can perform the A1C test – which measures your blood glucose over the last three months – and provide dental, foot and eye exams as well as flu shots.
  6. Stop smoking. Better management of your health is just one of many good reasons to quit smoking. Your body will be more equipped to battle diabetes.

For more information, call 1–800–DIABETES (342–2383) and request a free copy of A Guide to Changing Habits.