Jennifer E. Jones

You may have noticed the new by-line at the bottom of stories in this and the last issue of LIFELINES. Meet Jennifer E. Jones, the LHSFNA’s new Communications Specialist.

With master degrees in Education and Journalism from Regent University and a BA in English literature from Oral Roberts University, Jones is clearly a well-trained writer. She was a news editor for her college campus newspaper and a staff writer for the Regent University School of Journalism’s news website. She is also a former radio disc jockey and managed a music and entertainment website for a cable television network in Virginia Beach. Previously, she prepared marketing materials and did technical writing for companies in Oklahoma and Maryland.

A native of the Washington, D.C. area, Jones was drawn to the LHSFNA, in part, by her desire to return to her hometown. Here at the Fund, she will be responsible for writing many of the stories that appear in LIFELINES and LIFELINES ONLINE. She will also assist in the development of Fund booklets and brochures and in the design and implementation of our marketing program.

In her spare time, she enjoys sushi, secondhand bookstores and live music.

[Steve Clark]