How Can the Laborers Health & Safety Fund of North America Help You?

In addition to the resources, publications, videos and other materials offered online, the LHSFNA also provides many other services free of charge to LIUNA District Councils, Local Unions, signatory contractors, members and other LIUNA affiliates. Through all of these services, Fund staff work to improve the safety and health of LIUNA members, make signatory contractors more competitive and support member wellness.

Occupational Safety & Health (OSH) Division

The OSH Division’s certified industrial hygienists and safety and health specialists support District Councils, Local Unions and signatory contractors through a variety of safety and health services that help protect Laborers on the job. Some of the OSH Division’s many areas of focus include work zones, silica, noise, ergonomics, demolition and infectious diseases.

  • Consultations and site visits. Fund staff evaluate onsite hazards to ensure the safety of workers and compliance with federal and state regulations. Staff can also provide assistance over the phone or electronically.
  • Site safety and health programs. Division staff develop and review injury and illness prevention programs to help contractors reduce worker exposures to physical and health hazards.
  • Safety and health advocacy. The Division works closely with government agencies to ensure new standards are both protective for LIUNA members and sensible for LIUNA’s signatory contractors. The Division also works with other organizations and industry partners to develop voluntary standards and help set the agenda for construction safety and health research.
  • Education and training. The Division works closely with the LIUNA Training and Education Fund to develop health and safety training courses that complement skill and leadership training conducted at training centers across the U.S. and Canada.

Health Promotion (HP) Division

The HP Division’s health professionals provide guidance to LIUNA health and welfare funds, District Councils, Local Unions and signatory contractors on health care concerns and issues related to the physical and mental well-being of LIUNA’s membership. Key topics for the HP Division include nutrition and fitness, chronic disease, health care, substance abuse and mental health.

  • Health and welfare fund support. With the escalation of health care expenses, Division staff assist LIUNA’s health and welfare funds with plan design, benefit modifications and in identifying programs that help contain costs.
  • Drug-free workplace assistance. The strong connection between drug and alcohol use and health and safety make drug-free workplace issues a priority. The Fund reviews programs and policies, develops educational materials and monitors social and legislative issues related to substance abuse.
  • Education via wellness programs. Division staff maintain a variety of programs to educate members and their families about how lifestyle choices can improve fitness and stress levels, reduce risk for chronic disease and lead to a healthier life overall. Examples include the Sun Sense Plus program and programs on smoking cessation and nutrition.
  • Health fair coordination. Division staff regularly assist District Councils, Local Unions and LIUNA affiliates with organizing health screenings at member events. Screening for health risks such as high blood pressure helps educate members about the importance of early detection.

Contact us to access these and other LHSFNA services or call the Fund directly at 202-628-5465.