Summer is the busy season for building and highway construction. Both Laborers and contractors pick up the pace. Work is steady, employment is full and overtime is common. After the cold and wet of winter, it’s great to be out in the sun again.

But the summertime also brings heat and humidity as well as other seasonal hassles. Thus, in this issue, we review the risks of heat stress and skin cancer and outline the necessary precautions.

Summer is outdoor time for our families as well. With school out, families try to find time for picnics, sports, recreation and relaxation. With this in mind, we encourage LIUNA leaders, signatory employers and training center directors to include a health fair in open houses and other annual membership events that are planned for the summer. These fairs can make a difference in the health of Laborers and their families.

Along with these summer-associated topics, we highlight another concern in this issue – falls. Fall fatalities and injuries have been rising in construction, and we will be paying more attention to this problem in the months ahead. Here, we’ve surveyed the problem and reviewed a short training DVD that might be useful in raising awareness at worksite safety meetings or at LIUNA training centers.

We’ve also highlighted the topic of healthy weight and try to give you some guidance in assessing your personal situation. Alongside giving up tobacco, adopting a lifestyle of regular exercise and a balanced diet may be the single best thing you can do to ensure a long and healthy life.

As always, we appreciate your feedback, and we wish you a happy, enjoyable, safe and productive summer.