During the summer months, construction swings into full gear. Companies hire more workers; work is steadier and full-time; overtime is commonplace. Everyone tries to make up for the lost time of winter.

The workday is longer, stretching from dawn’s early light ’til sunset late in the evening. All day long, temperatures are higher, and humidity can be overwhelming. Pests multiply. Precautions are necessary.

Summer presents special challenges to the construction workforce. In this issue, we help you prepare.

In April, the annual Tri-Fund Conference was held in conjunction with LIUNA’s gala 100th anniversary celebration in Las Vegas. Beginning on page six, we take some space to review insights gained at the Conference about the future of health care in the United States and the implications for LIUNA’s health and welfare funds. The squeeze is on, and more vigilance among fund trustees is warranted.

On another subject dear to our hearts – market share – we report on the way health and safety played a central role in the contract negotiation and follow-up that expanded union share in south Florida this spring. Most of the newly-organized workers are Hispanic.

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