As we go to press, we also are preparing for the annual Tri-Fund Conference, held this year in Orlando beginning January 19-22.

The point of the Conference is to highlight the cooperative strategy of LIUNA and its signatory employer partners to build market share for Laborers, generally, and the union sector of the construction business, in particular.

In today’s construction business, the union isn’t focused on fighting management over their respective shares of gross revenue. Instead, both sides are working together in the common battle for more gross revenue – that is, for a larger union share of the total construction marketplace.

In the overall market, we believe union contractors and union labor provide the best value for owners and builders. We can say that, in all honesty, because our labor-management Tri-Funds ensure a variety of on-going services that make LIUNA members and LIUNA signatory employers the best trained, safest and most highly productive workforce in North America.

At the Tri-Fund Conference we will review our progress during 2003 and set new goals for 2004.

In this issue of LIFELINES, we highlight collaborative efforts on a number of health and safety fronts.

For instance, we review recent efforts in key states to reform workers’ compensation insurance and report on one state – Pennsylvania – where safety discounts soon will be available to LIUNA signatory contractors.

We also highlight the important contributions of one New Jersey signatory contractor – Tilcon – whose commitment to workplace safety and health is producing tangible results for construction workers statewide.

In addition, we report on the use and potential of health care coalitions to combat the escalating costs of health care services for LIUNA health and welfare funds.

In pursuit of greater union market share, labor-management cooperation is key to everyone’s future. Here at the LHSFNA, we help by promoting healthy Laborers, safe worksites, secure bottom lines and cost-effective health care benefits management.

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