When people work together, change happens

Every citizen in America has a chance to make real change at the polls next month. This election is a landmark in our nation’s history. The next President will inherit an ongoing war, our turbulent economy and a health care system in dire need of repair. It is imperative that you vote for the candidate who will have your family’s best interest at heart as he leads us in tackling the challenges that lie ahead. LIFELINES’ election coverage highlights two key issues in health and safety. First, we examine the stark differences between Senator Barack Obama’s and Senator John McCain’s health care reform plans. Next, we will look at the significant role that the next President’s cabinet choices will play in protecting you and your family’s safety at home and at work.  Both issues boil down to choosing the candidate who is best suited to make these challenging decisions on our behalf. Your vote is critical and can help change the course of this nation.

A great example of a community that affected change is seen in our cover story (“Noise in the City”). The residents of New York City logged thousands of phone calls to their local government to complain about the City’s oversaturation of noise. As a result, the New York City Department of Environmental Protection revised its noise ordinance and put stricter regulations on a number of noise-producing activities – including construction. In response to the new noise codes, the LHSFNA and the New York State Laborers’ Health and Safety Trust Fund joined forces with national and regional government agencies, LIUNA signatory contractors and equipment manufacturers to find safe and economical ways to ensure effective compliance. Through the partnership’s efforts, construction sites in New York City will be quieter, and the reduction in noise pollution will improve the quality of life for area residents and commuters. At the same time, Laborers will work on safer worksites.

The new school year is well underway, and parents have a lot of tough decisions to make. We know that raising healthy kids is not always easy. Two issues that have generated publicity in recent months are childhood vaccinations and the startling trend of high cholesterol in children.  Thankfully, as moms and dads, you are not alone. You can work with schools, other parents and health care professionals to ensure that your kids are eating right, exercising and getting the immunizations they need to ward off contagious illnesses. Our hope is that you will use our reporting to help make informed decisions that get your kids off to a running start towards a healthier life.

Through the Laborers’ Health and Safety Fund of North America, labor and management work with one another to help improve the lives of Laborers and their families. Together, we all make a difference and create change for the better.