The professional expertise and experience of the LHSFNA staff is substantial and can make a difference in your work. But there are thousands of you, so linking our knowledge with all of your diverse, evolving needs is a tough job. With our new website, it just got a little easier.

The new site opened on June 1. The redesign involved fundamental changes both on the surface and behind the scenes.

The new site has a fresh look and a new flash introduction. In order to keep the site topical and encourage regular visitation, we developed a new, free, monthly publication – LIFELINES ONLINE – and made it the centerpiece of our site’s homepage. Each month, a new cover and several new articles are published on the site. At the same time, a monthly e-teaser is sent to a growing list of target audience email addresses. The e-teaser contains a short identifying message, a list of story headlines and a link to the site.

We hope those who receive our e-teaser will click over and look at the stories. While on the homepage, readers also will find a gateway to all the resources available through the Fund’s Health Promotion, Occupational Safety and Health and Research Divisions. These resources, as well as back issues of LIFELINES and LIFELINES ONLINE, can be accessed with the site’s new search function. Also, visitors can use the subscription service to sign up for a short email notice when new issues of the magazine are published.

On-Line Publications Ordering

The new, on-line publication ordering and fulfillment service also is accessible from the navigation bar on the homepage. With a couple clicks, the viewer can see a catalogue of all the posters, videos, pamphlets, booklets and manuals that the Fund provides. With a password provided by the Fund (old passwords are still operative), viewers can place publication orders on-line, and they will receive automated notifications as their orders are processed and mailed. To obtain a first-time password, call LHSFNA Communications at 202-628-5465.

With the creation of the new site, the LHSFNA feels empowered to reach out to far wider audiences, providing a broad range of topical information that can serve a variety of interests. Thus, in the coming months, the Fund will conduct a series of marketing and outreach efforts designed to expand the list of subscribers to LIFELINES ONLINE. We urge interested readers to go directly to the site and use the subscription service to add their name and email address to our list.

In particular, we hope to reach signatory contractors and their safety officers and build effective communications with them. The on-line subscription service makes it easy to establish an on-going connection, but help is needed to make them aware of the opportunity and to direct them to the site.

“We’re excited about the possibilities,” says LHSFNA Communications Manager Steve Clark, “but it is still a work in progress. We welcome feedback and suggestions from visitors.” To make a suggestion, go to the site and respond with the “Email Us” link at the bottom of the homepage.

[Steve Clark]