Health Risks of African Americans
Health Risks of Latino Americans

Building on Health Risks of Native Americans – the first work in this series – the Fund’s Health Promotion Division prepared booklets that identify the principal health risks faced by African and Latino Americans and outline prevention strategies. Each is five pages long.

To a certain extent, every ethnic group has a unique gene pool and specific cultural traditions that make it susceptible to certain illnesses. Knowing these risks will help members and their doctors do careful monitoring that will lead to early identification and treatment of illness.

The main risks for African Americans are heart disease, diabetes, cancer and tobacco use. For Latino Americans, they are diabetes, liver disease, cancer and tobacco use. Native Americans should watch for diabetes, heart disease, liver disease and tobacco use.

What Can You Do to Improve Your Profits?

This four-page booklet uses a common construction injury – a finger injury – to examine its effect on a typical construction company’s profit. It looks at both the direct and indirect costs of the injury and assesses how much business the company will have to do to make up for lost revenue. It then urges company decision-makers to ask the LHSFNA for help with on-the-job safety and health so they can improve their bottom lines.

OSH Division Brochure

This tri-fold explains the services of the LHSFNA Occupational Safety and Health Division, lists its principle publications and identifies the OSH staff. It is a companion to the LHSFNA Health Promotion Division brochure that was issued last year.

Publications Catalogue

This 20-page catalogue lists all LHSFNA publications (more than 80 plus more than 50 health alerts) by category and alphabetically by title. It also includes information for placing orders and a fax order form. This printed format matches the on-line catalogue.

[Steve Clark]