Working with the Fund’s OSH and Health Promotion professionals, the LHSFNA’s Communications Department completed a year-long review and updating program for the more than 100 Fund publications. It also issued seven new publications and translated two others into Spanish.

The latest of the new publications was announced last month: the Working with Portland Cement health alert. It reviews the hazards associated with this caustic substance and lists the employer remedies required by OSHA’s new compliance directive.

The other new publications in 2007 included the Good Health Equals Good Leadership brochure, the Nutrition and Fitness for Laborers (NFL) instructor’s manual, two NFL participant brochures – Becoming Physically Active and Weight Matters, a set of industry-specific safety checklists (Find It, Fix It) that are available for download from the Fund’s website and Laborers’ True Stories, a DVD on which four Laborers tell the stories of how and why their injuries occurred.

After instituting the publication review program, the Fund now has a routine system to ensure that all published data and information is up-to-date. In addition, many graphic presentations were revised and updated for consistency and topicality.

Keeping with its plan to issue all health alerts in both English and Spanish, the Portland cement alert was translated prior to publication.  In addition, Consejos de prevención del cáncer para trabajadores y sus familias (Cancer Prevention Tips for Laborers and their Families) and Riesgos para la salud de los estadounidenses Latinos (Health Risks for Latino Americans) were issued for the first time in Spanish.

Already, several new publications are in the works for 2008. With a free subscription to LIFELINES ONLINE, you’ll know as soon as they are available.

[Steve Clark]