Mano Frey LIUNA Vice President Northwest Regional Manager

Following the retirement of LIUNA Vice President and Northwest Regional Manager Chuck Barnes, the appointment of Vice President James C. Hale to the national LECET Board of Trustees and the decision of the LHSFNA Board of Trustees to expand the board from six to seven members each from labor and management, three new labor trustees have been appointed by General President Terence M. O’Sullivan.

Mano Frey, Dennis Martire and Edward M. Smith were introduced to attendees at the Tri-Fund Conference in April and will participate in their first Board of Trustees meeting in June. At that meeting, a seventh management trustee will be elected.

Frey succeeds Vice President Barnes on LIUNA’s General Executive Board. He has a long history with the Fund, dating back to the early days of his service as Business Manager for Alaska Local 341 when he called the LHSFNA for help after the Exxon Valdez wrecked on Bligh Reef in 1989 and began spilling 11 million gallons of crude oil into Prince William Sound. The LHSFNA consulted on the clean-up, one of the first big successes of the newly-established fund.

Edward M. Smith Assistant to the General President LIUNA Vice President Midwest Regional Manager

Smith, Assistant to the General President, LIUNA Vice President and Midwest Regional Manager has actively supported the LHSFNA during his tenure as regional manager. He organized numerous health and safety conferences in the Midwest, demonstrating a broad understanding of the importance of these issues both to members and to the bottom line of signatory employers. In 1999, he launched a health and safety fund for his own region – the Midwest Regional Laborers’ Health and Safety Fund.

Dennis L. Martire LIUNA Vice President Mid-Atlantic Regional Manager

Martire was elected by the LIUNA General Executive Board to serve as Vice President and Mid-Atlantic Regional Manager in 2002. Previously, he was Director of LIUNA’s Construction Department. He has a thorough knowledge of the industry and appreciates the role that health and safety issues play in building union market share, particularly in the Mid-Atlantic region.

“These new trustees are dedicated to the health and safety of union members and understand the value of the Laborers’ Health and Safety Fund, both to our members and their families and to our signatory contractors,” says O’Sullivan. “In addition to their unquestioned commitment, they bring an excellent assortment of new skills and fresh perspective to the Board of Trustees. We look forward to the benefits of their participation and leadership.”

[Steve Clark]