New York State LECET Field Coordinator Gary Bernardo discusses worksite health and safety issues with members of local 1358 (photos: John Hickey).

“We’re constantly trying to find innovative ways to reach each local member,” says New York State Health & Safety Trust Fund Executive Director Mickey Kelly.

This summer, the Fund hit the road with a new “mobile classroom.” It’s a 2004 Champion Challenger 190-E40 Ford 6.8L shuttle bus, specially equipped to provide training for Laborers at jobsites across the state.

The bus has two 13-inch flat screen monitors, a DVD player, a four-speaker sound system and open seating for about a dozen workers.

Local 66 members – Lou Micillo, Robert Bonanza, Business Manager Steve Flanagan, Joe Cavalieri, Bobby English and Johe Ippolito – stand before the bus at one of its stops

“Our newest vehicle,” says Kelly, “takes our message conveniently to each worker – on the job, at a health fair – where it will make the most impact and be the most valuable.”

[Steve Clark]