The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) develops voluntary safety standards that, once adopted, guide the practice of American industry. The A-10 standards are those related to construction.

Scott Schneider, Director of Occupational Safety and Health for the LHSFNA, chairs two A-10 subcommittees that are working on new draft standards for hearing loss (A-10.46) and work zone safety (A-10.47). LHSFNA Safety and Health Specialists Travis Parsons and Walter Jones, respectively, are soliciting views and circulating drafts for consideration by the labor, management and public members of the subcommittees.

At its meetings in July, the A-10 ergonomics committee also met. Recognizing that 30 to 40 percent of lost workdays are due to sprains and strains, Schneider has been working with the subcommittee’s chairpersons to draft an ergonomics standard. A revised draft should be sent for ballot this fall.

Construction labor and management groups with interest in any of these standards are welcome to contact the LHSFNA OSH staff and offer their perspectives.

For a complete list of the ANSI A-10 standards, visit the American Society of Safety Engineers website.

[Steve Clark]