Every construction site has special health and safety issues and concerns, but most of them are not unique. They’ve been encountered elsewhere, and solutions have been found. But how can any one signatory contractor know what’s worked somewhere else and if someone else’s solution could be implemented on his site?


The professional staff of the LHSFNA Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Division can answer these questions.

“One of our most important services is site visits,” says OSH Division Director Scott Schneider. “When we visit a workplace, we’re bringing the broader experience of the construction industry to bear. Unfortunately, only a handful of our participating contractors take advantage of this resource. We encourage them to give us a call.”

A “participating” contractor is one who makes a contribution to the LHSFNA through its collective bargaining agreement with LIUNA. Site visit services are one of the benefits of participation.

”The Fund did a real good job for us. They got our hearing program off the ground…They performed a service we really needed.”

Diane Shinker, A&B Asphalt (Washington)

LIUNA regional health and safety funds also have site visit programs. “The impressive part of the safety business,” says John Condis, Safety Officer for the Midwest Region Laborers’ Health and Safety Fund, “is that everyone shares insight with everyone else. Any contractor can benefit from a safety audit.”