Kitty Conlan, Director of the Health Promotion Division since its establishment in 1994, will leave the Fund May 1 to join LIUNA’s Education Department. She will serve as Assistant Director under Mitch Warren who was tapped last month by General President Terence M. O’Sullivan to head the newly revived department.

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LIUNA General President Terry O’Sullivan

Conlan, who has a B.A. in economics from Georgetown University and a M.A. in labor studies from the University of the District of Columbia, joined the LHSFNA in 1989 as a health economist, the first of the Fund’s program staff. She managed the development of many of the LHSFNA’s most successful programs, including the LaboreRx, Sun Sense, Drug-Free Workplace and the Member Assistance Programs. In recent years, she has worked extensively in the development of leadership training within the health and safety arena.

“Although Kitty has meant a lot to the Fund, we’re happy to have her at LIUNA,” says O’Sullivan. “Her talent for identifying issues and developing programs to address them will be an important asset to this department whose focus is leadership training.”

With Conlan’s departure, Mary Jane MacArthur will become the new Director of Health Promotion, and Angela Brennan will move up to become Associate Director.

MacArthur is well known to LIUNA health and welfare funds because she attends dozens of board meetings each year to share specific local fund data and help redesign and improve their benefits.

MacArthur has worked in the health care industry since 1968, first in association with Blue Cross/Blue Shield and, since 1980, with LIUNA. She joined the LHSFNA in 1990 as a benefits specialist and became Associate Director of Health Promotion in 1999. She had primary responsibility for the development of the LaboreRx prescription drug benefit program that has saved local funds $40 million since its 1996 inception.

Angela Brennan, currently the Fund’s Wellness Coordinator, has been with the LHSFNA since 1998. Initially, she served as the Tobacco Control Coordinator. Before joining the LHSFNA, she worked for the Association of Teachers of Preventive Medicine. Her undergraduate degree in biology and her Masters in Public Health are from the George Washington University.

“Though Kitty’s played an important role in the Fund’s development,” says LIUNA General Secretary Treasurer and Labor Co-chairman Armand E. Sabitoni, “the Health Promotion Division won’t skip a beat with Mary Jane and Angela moving up. They know the issues, and they know our people in the field.”

New Staff

Unrelated to the changes ahead in the Health Promotion Division, six positions were filled at the LHSFNA during the second half of 2002.

In May, Steve Clark joined the staff as Communications Coordinator. He brings a broad range of experience in social marketing and communications, derived from work at a variety of non-profit organizations. He has degrees from Georgetown University and George Washington University.

Nikki Bartels joined the staff in June to serve as Health Promotion Secretary. Previously, she worked in Europe for five years as an administrative assistant in the U.S. Department of Defense.

Travis Parsons joined the staff in August as Safety and Health Specialist. He provides services to LIUNA business managers and signatory employers on issues concerning workplace hazards. He has a B.S. in Exercise Physiology and a Masters degree in Occupation Health and Occupational Safety from West Virginia University.

David Klineburger joined the LHSFNA staff in August as its Network Engineer. He began his tech career in the Marine Corps where he served for four years as a computer systems specialist and network engineer. Before coming to the LHSFNA, he worked for five years as the IT professional at two education start-ups.

Sheri Wineglass, a graduate of Howard University and Oral Roberts University, joined the staff in October as Executive Assistant to Administration. Previously, she was the communications coordinator at the American Hotel & Lodging Association.

Rocio Jimenez joined the staff in October as Research Assistant. Her Spanish language skills also are put to work here through a partnership with the Mid-Atlantic Region and CASA de Maryland that addresses health and safety issues particular to the expanding Latino workforce. She has a Masters degree in Industrial Hygiene from the University of Illinois, Chicago, School of Public Health.

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