Site Visits

All contractors can benefit from having a second set of eyes to evaluate the workplace and spot safety problems.

A Laborers’ Health and Safety Fund site visit will:

  • Identify hazards in the workplace
  • Suggest approaches for solving safety and health problems
  • Identify other assistance that may be needed or available
  • Provide a written report that summarizes findings and suggests solutions
  • Assist in developing, writing and maintaining an effective safety and health program
  • Provide training and education materials

The LHSFNA is not OSHA. Our OSH staff:

  • Visits at the request of a contractor and the local union
  • Does not issue citations or fines; we suggest solutions

While helping you identify and address hazards at your worksites, a LHSFNA site visit can help you lower costs associated with injuries and illnesses. Good worksite safety and health programs make safe work routine. They avoid injuries and sustain productivity. They strengthen morale and protect your company’s reputation. They also lower your experience modification rate and control your workers’ compensation premiums.

A phone call to our office (202-628-5465) will get the ball rolling.


The Fund provided professional jobsite safety training for four of our safety officers who had previously taken the OSHA 30-hour course. I felt the jobsite training was very effective, providing a real-world application of classroom lessons to actual worksite situations. -Don Marks, FormWorks (Florida)

The Fund did a really good job for us. They got our hearing program off the ground, doing sound tests on our equipment. They performed a service that we really needed. -Diane Shinker, Asphalt (Washington)

We needed a respiratory program to meet an OSHA requirement. The staff who came to our site were professionals – knowledgeable, well-trained, fully-equipped. They answered all questions and got our respiratory program up and running. -Keith Kline, Kline Construction (West Virginia)