This Labor Day, as workers continue to brave the hardships of the world’s enduring recession, it is worth remembering the role that unions play in protecting the health and on-the-job safety of their members while advancing the well-being of union families.

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LIUNA General President Terry O’Sullivan

“LIUNA signatory contractors are leaders in workplace safety and health, and they support strong wellness programs though our health and safety funds,” says LIUNA General President Terry O’Sullivan. “But non-union employers do not have such a fine record. Too often, they are focused on profit to the exclusion of their employees’ best interests. Through unions, workers find the means to fight for safe worksites and build security for themselves and their families.”

For decades, the Labor Movement and its signatory employers have set the benchmarks that guide safe production and support healthy lives all across the U.S. and Canada. “Construction is hard work, and its hazards are persistent,” says O’Sullivan, “but it is safer than ever, due to the determined efforts of Labor and its management allies. Whatever the industry, the way to enhance production and build a more prosperous economy rests in strengthening its union sector. Government needs to spend on infrastructure and public services, and it should foster more appreciation for the rights and contributions of union members.

“On this Labor Day, we reaffirm our proud union history and rededicate ourselves for the work ahead. Here’s to the unions that make the middle class strong.”

[Steve Clark]