Standard             RequirementNumber  ViolationsNumber Serious ViolationsNumber Willful Violations
1926.451 G1Fall protection required on scaffolding over 10 ft high1407122712
1926.451 E1Safe access (not cross braces) required for all scaffolds over two ft1195103910
1926.451 B2Scaffold platforms must be at least 18 in wide10739694
1926.451 B1Scaffold platforms shall have no gaps of more than one in between planks and uprights104192010
1926.451 AScaffolds shall not be loaded beyond their capacity6485381
1926.451 G1 VIIPersonal Fall Arrest system or Guardrail required5925283
1926.451 C2Supported scaffolds must have firm foundations, base plates, mudsills5664542
1926.451 G4 IGuardrail systems required on all open ends and sides of platforms3983432
1926.451 F7Competent person required for erecting, dismantling, moving or altering a scaffold3563211
1926.451 F3Scaffolds must be inspected by a competent person before each shift and after any incident that could affect their integrity 2992632


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