You have in your hands – whoops, we mean you have on your screen – the new, on-line version of LIFELINES, the LHSFNA magazine.

It’s called LIFELINES ONLINE, and, as you can see, it is the centerpiece of the new site.

Each month, LIFELINES ONLINE will publish the latest in health and safety news and information for LIUNA’s business managers and agents, its signatory employers, its health & welfare fund managers and for Laborers and their families.

We made this topical information the centerpiece of the new site because we want to give you a reason to visit regularly. We think regular visits will encourage you to take better advantage of all our services. That, in turn, will strengthen our efforts to help LIUNA and its signatory employers build union market share and ensure good jobs for Laborers.

We urge you to subscribe to LIFELINES ONLINE by clicking on the site’s subscription service link [see top right of this page]. You’ll be asked for a name and email address and to categorize yourself, and you’ll be added to our database. Then, each month when the new issue is published, you’ll receive a brief email notice indicating the content of the issue and providing a link so you can check it out.

Across the top of each page is a navigation bar (the same that appears on this article page). When you move your cursor across one of its topics, you’ll see options to click to other pages on our site.

On these pages you can learn more about us, the kinds of services we offer and, most importantly, the health and safety issues relevant to your work. Through the Division pages you can access scores of documents on virtually all health and safety-related concerns.

From the navigation bar you also can access our new on-line publication ordering system (click “Publications”). Here, if you click on any of the categories in the left column, you can see all the products available.  To make selections and place an order you will first have to acquire a password by calling the LHSFNA Computer Services Division at 202-628-5465. At our end, your order will be automatically processed, and you will receive email notification of its fulfillment status.

Also, down the right side of the home page, you’ll see links to Announcements, New Resources, HELP NOW and other LIUNA-Related Links. And you will find a link to the LIFELINES  and LIFELINES ONLINE archives where you can look at past issues of the quarterly print publication and the new, on-line monthly.

With the search function, you can enter any safety or health topic of interest, and you’ll be returned a list of links to relevant documents on the site or in previous issues of LIFELINES or LIFELINES ONLINE. You can use the contact-the-editor function to let us know what you think of the site and its content and make suggestions about topics we should address.

We’re excited about the potential of this new web-based communications platform because, potentially, it allows us to reach virtually all of the tens of thousands of signatory employers, union officials and local fund managers who employ Laborers or work on their behalf. The high cost of printing and mailing always limited the potential of our print publication. LIFELINES ONLINE will allow us to reach far more readers while saving resources for other parts of our health and safety program.

We hope you find the new site a very useful tool. Please let us know what you think (use the “Contact the Editor” button at the bottom right side of this page).

[Steve Clark]