Everyone complains about the Workers’ Compensation system, but is it really that bad?

Well, according to a new report card issued by the Work Loss Data Institute, it all depends on where you live and work.

The systems of California, New York, Delaware, Hawaii, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, West Virginia, Wyoming and Puerto Rico all received failing grades. California and New York got “F”s in each of the past three years. Another big state, Texas, moved from a “F” in 2000 to a “D-“ in 2002. New Mexico had the biggest decline, going from a “B+” in 2000 to a “D” in 2002.

On the other hand, Utah, Indiana, Minnesota received “A”s for each year, and Georgia, Iowa and Virginia got “A”s in 2002. Alabama was the most improved state in the union, also earning an “A” in 2002.

These outcomes and an array of support data are contained in 2004 State Report Cards for Workers’ Comp. The book is available from the Work Loss Data Institute for $225.